Doom Resurrection released for iPhone


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Id Software has released Doom Resurrection, the iPhone only resurrection of the classic first-person shooter series.

However, Doom Resurrection isn’t actually a first-person shooter in the vein of its predecessors. Instead, your movements are pre-determined, as your character moves along a scripted path, leaving you to blast away at enemies at certain points within the action.

You use the accelerometer to target enemies at these points, and you can dodge enemy attacks with timed presses of the ‘cover’ button. Early reports from Touch Arcade and Pocket Gamer have been positive, saying that the game remains engaging even though it strays from the series’ original gameplay in this core respect.

However, the classic weapons are back in this iPhone instalment, including the double-barrelled shotgun and the BFG. The eight levels are said to last for about 2-3 hours of gameplay, although we’ve got a feeling that Doom Resurrection may be one of the key games to use in-game micro-transactions to make more levels packs available to you.

The original outlay is fairly hefty though, with Doom Resurrection weighing in at £5.99, a price point that’s not used all that often these days.

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