Desktop Tower Defense coming to iPhone


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Fuel Games is bringing the original tower defence classic Desktop Tower Defense game to the iPhone.

We’re big fans of the genre here at Know Your Mobile, most just because it’s so well suited to the iPhone’s touchscreen. Originally a PC Internet browser hit, Desktop Tower Defense lets you place towers freely within a little arena. Depending on the difficulty you have the game set at, enemies will appear from one or more sides of the arena. You just have to make sure that they don’t make it to the other end.

Although a simple idea, Desktop Tower Defense hooked in hordes of players, resulting in millions of plays. It’s got a lot of competition to contend with on the iPhone though, with the recent Star Defense standing tall, and Fieldrunners forever stamped into the iPhone’s gaming history.

Based on the 1.5 version of the Internet browser version, Desktop Tower Defense will be available within the next month or so. Be sure to check back for any updates.

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