Dead Space 2 coming to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


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EA Mobile has announced Dead Space 2 will be released this December, according to IGN.

Dead Space and its sequel was originally a 3rd-person survival horror PC title. Apart from being a visually stunning game, its futuristic twist, unique weapons and genuinely scary gameplay had us swooning for more. Throw on a good pair of headphones, sit in a dark room, and immersion is almost guaranteed.

Naturally then, when EA Mobile announced it would be bringing Dead Space 2 to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, we were just a little bit happy.

The story will be set between the events of the first and second game, which makes the iDevice version, technically, 1.5. Other than it won’t be an on-the-rails shooter like Dead Space Extraction (thank you, EA), details are thin on the ground. Apparently, gesture-based dismemberment will feature, as well as iPad-specific graphics, but that is pretty much it.

However, thanks to Japanese iPhone gaming website, 4gamer, we can at least see what it might look like, thanks to the image on the right. Scary stuff, indeed.

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