Craneballs announces Blimp for iPhone


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Blimp, a flying adventure game produced by the Craneballs development team is nearly ready for mass consumption and should be available on the iTunes store before the week is out.

The game is a fully 2D affair and generally involves guiding your fragile blimp in simulated gravity through a world of obstructions and dangers, including flames, radioactive waste and enemy tanks.

Navigational adjustments are made to the blimp’s flight path using the iPhone’s on board accelerometer and altitude adjustments can be made by touching the screen.

All of the visuals in Blimp are hand-drawn and it’s clearly an area that the team are proud of, “we’ve combined our many years of experience in graphic design with digital painting to create a unique and novel iPhone graphical environment”, said Jan Cefelin, one of the graphic artists on the project.

Blimp will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the coming days, although the price is still undisclosed at this point.

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