Castle of Magic released on iPhone


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An iPhone version of Gameloft’s fantastic mobile platformer Castle of Magic has been released on the App Store.

The original made it into our Top 10 Mobile Games… Ever list, which is about as strong a piece of praise we can give a game. This new iPhone version changes the original quite dramatically too.

It’s still a side-scrolling platformer, taking cues from the console classics of the 90s like Super Mario World, but this version uses jazzed-up 2.5D visuals instead of the bog standard 2D used in the original.

Considering the number of respected publishers that simply port their mobile games over to the iPhone without tweaking them all that much, the effort put into these changes just goes to reinforce Gameloft’s position at the very top of the iPhone publisher tree. Of course, we’ll be reserving full judgement until we get a proper look at the game first-hand.

Castle of Magic’s levels are spread over five different environments, from ice worlds to outer space. It also features six boss characters, which should pose a challenge for even the most experienced touchscreen swipers.

Castle of Magic from Gameloft is available to download for £3.49.

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