Cancellation of white iPhone 4 looks certain


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Apple have stoked the fires surrounding the possible cancellation of the white iPhone 4 by removing the device completely from their website. That is to say that the lovely ‘Not available’ placeholder that iPhone junkies have been fawning over for months is no longer there.

Reports are indicating that the iPhone 5 could be released as early as January 2011, making a springtime release of the white iPhone 4 seem very unlikely, unless Apple plan on modifying the white model à la the 8GB 3GS to become their newest ‘budget’ offering.

Drawing a line under the ill-fated smartphone wouldn’t be a huge surprise though, and Apple may well look to get back into the fray with a newer, bigger and better handset sooner rather than later to take on Google’s reported Nexus 2 and the slew of newer, meaner Android handsets which will likely be on offer by the first quarter of 2011.

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