C64 emulator rejected from App Store


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Manomio has been working on a Commodore 64 emulator for iPhone over the past months, after having supplied us with the retro revival of Flashback. Unfortunately, Apple’s submissions team has rejected it.

Manomio is still plugging away though, so it still may poke through the App Store’s walls. With it, you’ll be able to buy bolt-on game packs, presumably as in-game micro-transactions. It will also come with some games bundled as standard, but we’re not sure exactly what those will be as yet.

Pocketgamer has reported that the emulator’s running well, after having had a hands-on with the software. The C64 even includes Commodore BASIC, meaning you’ll be able to start programming C64 software right there on your iPhone. Perfect for dedicated retronauts, but we’ll probably give that a miss.

Predictably, the reason for the rejection is the rights issues that surround emulator software- even though Manomio contacted Apple on the matter before submitting the emulator. Here’s hoping they manage to squeeze the emulator through the floodgates, as it could act as a proof of concept for other micro-transaction based emulator packages for the iPhone.

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