Brick Breaker Revolution Free released on iPhone


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Digital Chocolate has released a free version of their arcade style block-bashing game Brick Breaker Revolution on the App Store.

Although we reviewed the 3D version of the game, and liked it, this 2D version has its own charms, with more of a link to its retro ancestors such as Arkanoid. You control a paddle and have to move it left and right to knock a ball up into the bricks above. A selection of power-ups that can both help and hinder you add some colour to this simple but fun core gameplay.

The Free version lets you try out both the Classic and Revolution modes, but you’re limited with the number of lives and power-ups you have. As generous as Digital Chocolate may be with its lite versions, it wants you to pay for the full version, after all.

Brick Breaker Revolution Free is available to download now, while the full version costs £1.19.

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