Bit.Trip Beat for iPhone released, sale price


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Combine Pong, retro visuals and interactive visual beats, and you end up with Bit.Trip Beat, an iPad game that has been released on iPhone, too, courtesy of Namco.

As the common phrase goes, the premise is simple. You have to deflect visual beats in Pong Style.

However, the reality is a far cry when different beats have different behaviours, and each level has a different chip tune. Then there are the boss battles to make it through.

As the first game in a series of six, how different its sequels will be we are unsure, each game is meant to introduce you ‘to a world of imagination and wonder through a minimalist presentation of sight, sound and gameplay where players catch a glimpse at a soul made tangible’.

Blimey. We only want it to be fun.

“We are extremely excited to extend the accessibility of the BIT.TRIP series to the iOS platform,” said Carlson Choi, vice president of marketing, Namco.

“Not only does the game include multiplayer goodness with Apple’s Game Center but we’ve added fresh downloadable content, giving fans of the franchise a completely new experience.”

Bit.Trip Beat also includes multiplayer over Bluetooth or WiFI for up to two players, with support for four coming in a future update, Game Center support and rather cool retro visuals that manage to look both retro and futuristic at the same time.

Bit.Trip Beat is available now from the App Store at its temporary launch sale price of £1.19. You can also get the iPad version for £2.39, 50 per cent off.

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