Apple Wireless Charging Pads For iPhone 8 & iPhone 7s LEAK


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We’ve known for a while that the iPhone 8 is going to be made from glass, and we also know that the iPhone 7s will feature a glass back panel, while recent reports have repeatedly suggested both will be the first iPhones to support inductive wireless charging (with the glass backs enabling this – it doesn’t work with metal). And now our first look at Apple’s purpose-built wireless charging pads has emerged via an online leak.

The source is @mmddj_china on Twitter, which has proven reliable for Apple leaks in the past.

Don’t get too excited though, this is like the early iPhone component leaks, it’s not very glamorous, it’s more like raw bits of shaped metal ready and waiting to be placed into some sleek Apple-designed casing. Still, the proof that all the talk we’ve seen of wireless charging is more than just vapour is good to see.


Sources have suggested that Apple’s wireless charging pad will be sold as a separate accessory; it’s unlikely it’ll be bundled in with the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s, although as it’ll be based on the same technology as the Apple Watch wireless charging there’s a chance it’ll work across Apple’s device range.

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