Apple reverting back to aluminium casing with iPhone 5?


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Is Apple ditching the iPhone 4’s glass back panel design on the iPhone 5 in favour of an aluminium panel, just like the one on the iPhone 3GS?

According to a Chinese news source it is.

The news comes Macotakara who claims that Apple will be abandoning the iPhone 4 glass back panel and reverting back to the more traditional aluminium casing found on the iPhone 3GS.

Here’s what the Chinese blog said – please excuse the poor translation:

‘Decision to design similar to iPod touch instead of using glass is supposed that Apple seems to stop problems which are told widely damages from scratching, difficulties of painting white and weight of glass.’

Apple is also said to be ditching the iPhone 4’s external antenna design as well, although this isn’t really that surprising – lest we forget ‘antenna-gate’.

The iPhone will also feature Apple’s new dual core A5 chipset as well, according to Macotakara.



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