Apple iPhone theme for LG Arena KM900


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If you couldn’t quite afford an iPhone, there’s no reason you can’t make your current phone look like one while you’re saving up for the real deal.

This Apple iPhone theme for the LG Arena KM900 features a ringtone plus enough wallpapers to give your phone a proper visual makeover. Sure, you won’t be able to surf the App Store on it, but it’ll be enough to confuse passers by or inebriated mates down the pub.

You can easily download this set of wallpapers onto your LG Arena KM900.

Simply click on the link below to download the iphone_arena.zip file onto your computer.

Unzip these files and transfer to your LG Arena KM900 using Bluetooth or the cable provided in the box.

Download the Apple iPhone theme for the LG Arena KM900

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