Android beats iPhone sales at Tesco


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Tesco has revealed that Android handset sales have overtaken iPhone sales for the first time.

In the run up to 2011, according to Tesco, iPhone sales were well out in front of Android handsets.

In 2011, however, it’s a very different story and Android is out in front of the iPhone for the first time.

But this isn’t all that surprising when you think about the sheer numbers of Android handsets that are now available – there are literally hundreds.

Compare this to the three iPhone devices that are currently available and it doesn’t take an economist to figure out why Android is beating Apple’s iPhone sales.

Here’s the official line from Tesco:

“As one of the UK’s leading operators, these sales are a useful barometer for smartphone trends. There is a lot of choice in the market and as a result consumers are driving healthy competition between rival operating systems,” Said Graham Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco Mobile.

He added: “Tesco Mobile prides itself on customer service and offering customers what they want, through a wide range of competitive deals on all platforms. In addition to competitive Android smartphone deals, we also offer iPhone on a variety of fantastic 12 month.”

“However, we commend this healthy competition between operating systems as we see this as helping to drive consumer choice and flexibility.”


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