Across Age DX on iPhone receives Retina Display support


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FDG Entertainment’s Across Age DX has just been given the Retina Display treatment, allegedly making it the first iPhone Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) to have done so.

In Across Age DX, you play as two budding young heroes, named Ales and Ceska, a swordsman and magician, respectively. You must hack, slash and level your way to success in the 15-hour adventure.

Combining retro Zelda looks with time-travel puzzle gameplay, Across Age, as you can imagine, looks suitably vivid and colourful and it will give your grey matter a bit of a workout, especially as it can get very difficult.

Not that it is an issue, as the ‘exciting story’, tricky puzzles and its now improved graphics, for iPhone 4 users, at least, should keep you hooked.

Across Age DX is available now for £2.99. There is also a ‘lite’ version should you wish to try before you buy.

Or you can look at the pretty pictures, your choice.

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