Nokia seeks UK ban of HTC One


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HTC is in hot water after a UK patents court found it guilty of illegally using one of Nokia’s patents inside its HTC One handset.

The ramifications of the ruling are pretty significant, and reports suggest Nokia is now pushing for a UK ban on the HTC One until the issue is resolved. 

“The case centred on an invention filed in 1998 for the design of a modulator, equipment used by phones to transmit data,” reports the BBC.

HTC said it was “disappointed by the decision” and plans to appeal, although it must be said the situation is not looking good for the Taiwanese manufacturer. 

The technology in question is contained inside chipsets HTC purchased from Qualcomm.

Nokia has an agreement –– known as an “exhaustion doctrine” –– with Qualcomm in the US, but claims HTC had no right using the technology in the UK.

The judge noted that the US deal did not override all of the rights derived by Nokia from having registered its patent in Europe, added the report. 

“If the licensee has no right to sell in the UK, then a purchaser from the licensee cannot be in a better position,” wrote the judge. “HTC cannot have acquired greater rights on purchasing the chips from Qualcomm than Qualcomm was granted by Nokia under the agreement.”

Nokia is now pushing for an injunction preventing the sale and import of HTC’s One handset in the UK. 

This could get ugly…

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