Last Minute HTC U11 Plus Teaser Hints At Squeezy Edge


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The HTC U11 Plus will launch tomorrow, November 2, and HTC decided to make one last minute teaser to push out on social media. The firm’s Twitter account hosted a teaser video with the taglines “a new squeeze is coming” and “even more squeezed in” together with the date for the launch.

Naturally, this is a pretty blatant hint that the HTC U11 Plus will feature the same squeezable lower-portion of the frame that we saw on the HTC U11, allowing users to input certain commands simply by squeezing the bodywork; for example, launching the camera app.

It’s also a nod to the larger display size though; the HTC U11 Plus will feature a 6in 18:9 aspect ratio display keeping in trend with offerings from Samsung, LG, and Apple, amongst others. That’s a good deal bigger than the regular HTC U11’s 5.5in 16:9 setup, and means that the Plus model will have a much narrower bezel around the display, as well as the removal of all physical keys from the front, with the fingerprint scanner moving round to the back panel.

Leaks would indicate, however, that the top and bottom bezels will be a bit bigger than most 18:9 edge-to-edge setups due to the front-facing BoomSound stereo speakers.

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