HTC rumoured to be in talks to sell itself to Lenovo


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After reporting its first quarterly losses in the company’s history there is now talk that HTC might be looking to sell up.

According to Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily it is rumoured that Chinese laptop and tablet manufacturer Lenovo has been meeting with HTC to discuss a possible acquisition.

The rumours are spiced up by reports of a “secret meeting” between the two companies which allegedly took place this past August. HTC is reportedly looking for a company that will allow it to manufacture devices under its own name. A deal like this would mirror the one recently made when Microsoft bought up Nokia and Google’s acquisition of Motorola.

The idea of letting the acquired company keep its brand is nothing new to Lenovo, the PC giant bought ThinkPad from IBM and two years ago acquired Medion; both brands are still used from on new products.

It’s thought the deal would prove to be quite beneficial for Lenovo in giving it a strong smartphone brand for use in the global market outside of China.

Lenovo made headlines recently when it emerged as the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world behind Apple and Samsung, with the vast majority of that growth coming from the ever-expanding Chinese smartphone market.

Outside of China Lenovo’s main point of traction is its PCs and laptops, which are still selling well despite an overall dip in traditional computer sales globally.

Other companies rumoured to be interested in HTC include ZTE and Huawei. No official word has emerged from HTC or Lenovo yet, but we are intrigued by the idea of the potential bidding war for the once successful tech company. 

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