HTC M10 Sense 8 UX To Bring “Freestyle UI” With “Free-Form” App & Widget Positioning


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HTC will launch its latest flagship, the HTC 10, on Tuesday. It is an exciting time for Android fans too, as HTC, despite a bit of a fumble last year, is still one of the most well known and respected brands in the Android Kingdom.

Ahead of the HTC 10’s launch, details of the company’s latest — and greatest? — UI have appeared online. The custom Android skin aboard the HTC 10 will be called Sense 8 and its flagship feature will be something called “Freestyle UI”.

“The UI feature supposedly will allow you to place widgets and app shortcuts wherever you want and however you want,” notes Phandroid. “Instead of a strict grid pattern, you could have your Facebook Messenger icon slightly below and to the right of the full Facebook app, for instance.”


Freestyle will also feature stickers, which can be used to further customise things. For instance: you could use a picture of a calendar for either a third-party calendar application or the stock HTC one. Basically, you add one of these stickers to your homescreen and you choose what it opens.



Buttons, as always, will be physical keys — the images used here are apparently from an unknown test device. Beyond this, not much else is known about Sense 8. Nevertheless, quite a bit is now known about the HTC 10, unofficially, anyway. The handset will rock a Snapdragon 820 CPU, feature 3GB of RAM and a QHD display, as well as a raft of improvements to imaging and video.

A fingerprint scanner is almost certain, as is an all round change to the design and physical layout of the phone. Word on the street suggests HTC has drilled down on battery performance too, and we cannot wait to see what the company officially announces on April 12.

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