HTC Hero promo video leaked


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The upcoming Android-powered HTC Hero has had promo footage leaked online detailing some of the phones specifics.

The video was spotted and posted over at Slashgear.com before being removed from the AndroidCommunity website, but Slashgear managed to grab a copy before it was removed.

It clearly shows the handset in 7 different colours, and offers a brief glimpse of functions such as a four-way accelerometer in use on a photo-viewer and an even briefer glimpse of the internet browser.

The video also seems to make no bones about highlighting the Android marketplace as a selling point of the device, giving a short insight into browsing the store on the Hero.

The Hero is yet to be officially dated for UK release, but rumour has it Orange has managed to get its paws on exclusivity of the device here in the UK when it makes its way to retail.

If you’re interested take a look at the video for yourself; we rather enjoyed it, even if it did remind us a little bit too much of the London Underground map.

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