HTC Flyer release date April, price tag £600


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The HTC Flyer, according to reports, is coming to the UK in April and will be priced at £600.

The 7-inch Flyer device features an Android Gingerbread, not Honeycomb, and also lacks a dual core processor – something that makes Samsung’s and Motorola’s lives a lot easier.

Retailer Clove claims that it will be stocking the HTC Flyer from mid-April and that it will cost consumers around £600.

Accessories for the Flyer will cost extra, as you’d imagine. And users opting for a spare stylus stick (£40), HDMI converter cable (£24) and in-car charger (£17) will have to cough up for the privilege.  

How HTC’s Flyer will stack up against the competition remains to be seen. It’s not the biggest, or the most powerful and it certainly isn’t the thinnest tablet out there.

In fact the only thing the Flyer has in common with the competition is its massive price tag.

We’re not sure on this one, especially with the likes of the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2 now officially doing the rounds.

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