How to use the Internet Explorer on the HTC HD7


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All Windows Phone 7 devices come with Internet Explorer as standard.

Internet Explorer is a snappy browser that has made a nice transition to the mobile paradigm.

Here’s our guide to using it:


Internet Explorer UI


Open a web page in Internet Explorer

  1. From the Start screen, open up Internet Explorer and tap on the address bar
  2. Start typing a URL and Internet Explorer will start suggesting matches. Select the website you’re looking for from the list, or type out the whole URL followed by Go.
  3. If suggestions don’t appear when you start typing, you’ll need to turn the functions on by entering the applications list, then Settings > Internet Explorer and select Let Bing suggest sites as I type.

Open a new tab in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer on the HTC HD7 supports tabs, so you can have a desktop-like experience on your mobile.

To open a new tab in Internet Explorer, select the tab icon and then the + icon.

Start entering the URL as above.

Switch between tabs in Internet Explorer

If you have more than one tab open, it’s easy to switch between them. Select the tabs icon and your open tabs will appear as thumbnails. Select one to open it in the main window.

How to search using Bing

You can either select the search button on your HTC HD7 (below the screen) and type in a search term, or open up Internet Explorer and type your search term into the address bar. Bing will automatically suggest search terms.

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