How to use the FM radio on the HTC Mozart


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The HTC Mozart is a great device for listening to music- mp3, wma, and built-in FM radio. But how do we get started with the FM radio? It seems simple enough…

To listen to a station:

  • Plug in wired headphones
  • From Start – tap Music + Videos
  • Flick to Zune, then tap Radio
  • Choose a station by
                -swiping left or right to go up or down the radio dial
                -or by tapping Favourites for your saved stations
  • Note that when the screen is locked, you can use the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons to show mini playback controls- next, back, pause, play

To add or remove favourite stations:

  • Tune into station
  • Tap Add Favourite to make it faster and easier to tune into your favourite stations
  • Tap Remove Favourite to remove station from favourites
  • You can also pin your favourite station to Start by pressing and holding the station number- you can see it on your mobile’s homescreen

To switch radio regions:

  • While playing a station, tap and hold the station’s number
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Region on the Radio screen, and tap the name that corresponds with your new region

To switch from headset to speaker:

  • While playing a station, tap and hold the station’s number
  • Tap Radio mode: speaker to listen out loud, or Radio mode: headset to switch back to headphones

  • Save
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