How to sync files with your HTC HD7


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The HTC HD 7 has 8GB of memory – take advantage of that storage and sync music, videos, pictures, and podcasts to your phone. As long as you have Zune software on your PC, you can select, organize, and download new multimedia from your comp then send it along to your mobile.

To sync multimedia:

  • Open Zune software – click Collection
  • Click a category (Music, Videos, Pictures, or Podcasts)
  • Browse until you find the item you want, or type in what you’re looking for in the Search box
  • Drag the item you want to the phone icon in the lower-left corner of Zune

To change sync options:

  • In Zune software – click Settings > Phone > Sync Options
  • Click items you want to change

To sync pictures and videos from phone to PC

  • Use the USB cable that came with your phone and connect your phone to your PC
  • In Zune – Collection > Pictures > My Pictures
  • Click the album that matches the name of your phone

To set up wireless sync:

  • Grab that USB wire and connect your mobile to your PC
  • In Zune – Settings > Phone > Wireless Sync
  • Follow the on-screen instructions in the Zune software

Note that your mobile and PC must both be connected to your home Wi-Fi network, your mobile’s battery must be at least half-charged connected to an AC power adapter (wall charger), and you can’t really use your mobile during the wireless sync process- just 15 minutes or so!

To check storage space:

  • Using the USB cable, connect your mobile to your comp
  • In Zune – Phone > Summary
  • Go to the bottom of the Phone Summary screen and check the storage indicator on the right (ex- FREE 3.37 GB tells you you have 3.37 gigabytes of free space

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