How to link contacts in the People Hub on the HTC HD7


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Windows Phone 7 is an exceptionally sociable OS. It has a People Hub, which pretty much revolutionises the traditional contact list by adding Facebook, Gmail and Windows Live into the mix. 

Sometimes, though, you’ll get more than one contact card per person – usually because you have different emails or contact details.

Either way, don’t stress, this is easily remedied.

Here we show you how to link your contacts so you only have one contact card for them.

  1. From the Start screen, select the People Hub. Flick to All and select the contact you want to link.
  2. Select link. The HTC HD7 will then try to find any contacts that look similar in your phonebook. Select the contact from the suggested links, or select choose a contact to find the correct one.
  3. These contacts will then be linked and only one contact card will show.
  4. If your linked contact has more than one profile picture, you can choose which you wish to be displayed by selecting their name from the People Hub and choosing Edit. Tap the existing picture, find the photo you want to use and crop it if you want to. Press save.

Note: If you only have the friend’s contact from Facebook, you will not be able to edit the picture, but can add more information and save them to a different account. You can then link these accounts.


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