How to find directions using the HTC Mozart


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New places are always a little bit trying. Take London for example, it’s huge and there are literally millions of back streets and roads.

So, if you’re looking for a specific place and want directions look no further than your HTC Mozart.

How to find a place using the HTC Mozart

  1. From the Start screen, flick left to the App list, then tap the Maps tile
  2. Tap the Search icon
  3. In the search box, type:
    • An address
    • A post code Code
    • A city
    • A business name or type
    • A cross road
    • A point of interest
    • Tap Go key
  4. Your search results will be displayed and you ca choose from one of them to get the location displayed on a map

How to get directions up on the HTC Mozart
If you want to find directions to a place, it’s easy!

  1. From the Start screen, flick left to go to the Apps list, then Maps
  2. Select Directions
  3. Type an address or a place of interest (shop, restaurant, business etc)
  4. Tap Go
  5. Select either Driving or Walking, depending on whether you wish to walk or drive
  6. The route will be calculated and displayed on the map
  7. To view a section of the route, highlight it in the instructions list
  8. To start form somewhere other than your current location, select My Location in the starting point box and change it to somewhere else
  9. Tap Start or End to reverse the starting or ending points for your trip

You can view real-time traffic information for your route by selecting the More icon in Maps, then Show traffic. To stop showing traffic conditions, tap Hide traffic.

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