Apple iPad 2 vs HTC Flyer


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The Apple iPad 2 apparently marks the start of 2011 as ‘the year of the tablet’. This was certainly the case at Mobile world Congress and CES, where enough tablets were launched to fill a commuter train carriage.

The HTC Flyer was just one of the devices launched at Mobile World Congress and it looks as though it will appeal to a fair few HTC fans.

We compare the specs of the two devices in an HTC vs Apple fanboi battle.

The iPad 2 and HTC Flyer are aimed at very different markets, so it’s no surprise they have different screen sizes. The HTC Flyer is more aimed at those who want a compact solution to carry around in a pocket and so the 7-inch screen would suit them nicely.

The iPad 2’s screen however is designed for those who think media is paramount, so its 9.7-inch number is perfect for viewing videos and browsing the internet.

Essentially, the former is an extension of a smartphone and the latter a tablet.

In terms of quality, the HTC’s screen actually comes out top with a resolution of 170 pixels per inch in comparison to the iPad 2’s 132 pixels per inch.

Winner: HTC Flyer

Size and weight
The screen size has a pretty big impact on the size of tablets as it has an impact on the size of smartphones too.

Because the iPad 2 has a larger screen than the HTC Flyer, it’s naturally larger in dimensions too. At 241x185x8.8mm, the device is certainly skinny in comparison to the previous iPad. It’s also a hell of a lot lighter than the previous Apple tablet weighing in at 607g

The HTC Flyer is dinky in comparison though – measuring a much more pocketable 195x122x13.2mm. However, it’s fatter than the iPad which is a downer in our opinion.

Winner: Apple iPad 2

Processors are certainly beefing up smartphones and tablets these days and Apple and HTC have clearly taken these onboard with the iPad 2 and HTC Flyer.

The HTC Flyer packs in a 1.5GHz processor, albeit single core which is speedy enough, especially in comparison to the Taiwanese manufacturer’s smartphones.

The Apple iPad 2 packs in a dual core 1GHz A5 SoC with massively enhanced graphics in comparison to the iPad.

Without having substantial one on one time with both tablets, it’s hard to say which would perform better. However, a dual core processor should perform better than single core.


Winner: Apple iPad 2

One of the major aspects missing from the iPad was a camera, but it seems Apple has realised the feature shouldn’t have been absent.

Lo and behold, two cameras have popped up on the newest iPad – one on the front and one on the back,

The front facing camera comes in a VGA quality and can be used for FaceTime video calls. The rear-facing is a rather disappointing 0.7-megapixel.

The HTC Flyer embraces imaging with a 5-megapixel snapper on the back and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for video calling.

Winner: HTC Flyer

Operating system and apps
The iPad’s OS has been updated on the iPad 2 with iOS 4.3. Sure, there’s support for big apps including iMovie, GarageBand and Photo Booth, but apps were always Apple’s thing so that’s no surprise.

What is interesting is how the iPad handles multimedia. iOS 4.3 includes enhanced AirPlay functionality, allowing you to stream content from your Photos app in addition to music and video. Safari is faster and you can share your music with (almost) any networked speakers.

The HTC Flyer runs on Android 2.4, which isn’t optimised for tablets anyway. A new version of Sense operates over the top of the tablet, which makes for a nice navigation experience, but at least the same apps wil work on it as work on your Android phone. A good attempt, but Android Honeycomb would have been better!

Winner: Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad is a stunning product and many will argue it can’t be overtaken. Sure, it offers a lot – a smooth experience with a shed load of apps and most of all, Apple branding.

It’s great for multimedia and a superb tool for making presentations.

However, the HTC Flyer isn’t aimed at that big tablet market. It’s aimed at people who want something a little smaller with HTC’s easy to use Sense interface onboard. HTC is focusing on the Flyer’s gaming talents and multimedia and we like it.

However, iPad has the advantage here and that shows in its polished nature. The HTC Flyer is just too much like a phone.

Winner: Apple iPad 2



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