130 HTC One handsets combined to create ULTIMATE photobooth


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With one HTC One you can take some pretty decent shots. But what would happen if you combined 130 HTC One handsets, arranged them in an ascending circle, and hacked them to work as a single unit? You’d probably get some pretty interesting results, right?

Of course you would – and that’s just what Qualcomm has done. In a bid to reaffirm and communicate just what is possible with its Snapdragon processors, Qualcomm set about making one of the most amazing photobooths ever assembled.  

“130 HTC One smartphones. One spiral housing. 540 degrees of movement. The Snapdragon Booth is a one of a kind 540 degree photo booth made entirely of smartphones, each powered by a Snapdragon processor,” said Qualcomm on its official blog.

We could go on but the results speak for themselves, so check out the video below. It’s pretty impressive –– Matrix-style –– stuff and is a definite must for anyone interested in photography! 


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