NVIDIA Shield TV Just Got EVEN Better: Stream 4K Movies From Google Play


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The NVIDIA Shield TV is one of those products that comes along every now and then, makes very little fuss, but ends up blowing everyone who uses it away.

As a media streamer, it is unparalleled right now. The device looks stunning, is jam-packed with bleeding edge specs and, if you fancy it, it will also double as a very decent gaming console, as it can stream games from your PC to your HDTV.

NVIDIA’s Shield TV has MANY USPS; this seems to be the MO for the device: make it better than everything and then keep on pushing.

4K is now very much at the heart of NVIDIA’s Shield TV. As I mentioned above, it now supports 4K Google Cast. On top of this, however, it is also the only Android TV media streamer that supports Amazon Video in 4K.

Basically, if you’ve invested in a 4K TV, you need NVIDIA’s Shield TV in your life. I mean, just look how it stacks up when compared to the competition (props to 9to5Google for the chart):


And this new 4K support for Google Play Movies brings ALL 4K TVs into the mix; previously only select 4K TVs were supported inside Google’s Play store.

And if that wasn’t enough: the latest update for the Shield TV adds in support for 4K Google Casts, which means you can push 4K content direct from your phone to the NVIDIA Shield.

This update further solidifies NVIDIA’s position at the very top of the media streamer market. No one else is pushing this hard in this space. NVIDIA is constantly refining and redefining its Shield TV platform.

The only other player in the space that is this innovative with hardware is Amazon.

But the thing I like most about the NVIDIA Shield TV is the price: at £189.99 it offers exceptional value for money. Even more so when you consider the pace with which NVIDIA updates its software and capabilities.

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