Cyber Monday 2018: Don’t Miss This Google Daydream VR Mega Deal


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One of the best deals we’ve seen this Cyber Monday has to be for Google’s much-hyped Daydream View Virtual Reality headset, which has hit its lowest price since launch today.

The Daydream View headset is different from other dedicated VR headsets because it’s powered by your phone. You slot a compatible handset into the front, download the app on and you’re away – it even comes with a motion-sensing controller which can be used to interact with games and applications.

Mobile Fun is selling Google’s VR headset for just £34.99, which is £65 less than the recommended retail price. You can expect this deal to go fast, but if you miss out don’t be too upset – BT also has the Daydream View on offer at £39. That’s not quite as good as the Mobile Fun deal, but it’s still a whopping £60 less than you’d normally pay.

If BT’s stock runs dry today, then you could always head over to Google’s store, where the Daydream View is on sale for £49. These discounts suggest that an updated unit is perhaps on the way, but we’d imagine any new model will merely be a cosmetic change, as the brunt of the processing is done by your phone and not the headset itself.

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