Xbox Series X (2020) vs Xbox One X (2019) – How Do They Compare?

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 06/17/20 •  4 min read

In December Microsoft unveiled that come this holiday season, Xbox fans would have a new next-gen console to buy: the Xbox Series X.

Yeah, that name is a bit confusing, considering that the current flagship Xbox is called the Xbox One X. Still, the Xbox Series X is sure to take the crown away from the One X. It not only has vastly different internals, it looks nothing like the current One X.

So, how do the two compare? Let’s take a look.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X Quick Comparison

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X
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Winner? Xbox Series X – The Xbox Series X blows the Xbox One X out of the water with its modern design. It’s time for a change of look.


Winner? Xbox Series X – The 3.6 GHz Custom AMD Zen 2-based CPU in the Series X is almost twice as fast as the CPU inside the One X. And with a GPU that doubles the TF performance–it’s no contest.

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xbox one x
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Winner? Xbox Series X – Not only does it have more RAM, but it’s also got the speedier GDDR6 modules.

Storage Options

Winner? Xbox Series X – A 1 terabyte SSD, baby! The speed of the SSD drive blows away the paltry mechanical hard drive found in the One X.


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The Xbox Series X is going to be the clear winner. It’s the next-gen Xbox console, so there’s no way the One X can compete. Not only is it twice as fast as the One X, it also supports 8K gaming, has more (faster) RAM, a new design, and a 1TB SSD-based hard drive.

That’s not to say the One X is a slouch, but once the Series X ships this holiday season that will be the “future proof” Xbox to buy. Once the Series X is out, the only reason you should buy a One X is because of the price drop the unit will (presumably) receive.

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Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X: Specs

Xbox Series X (2020) vs Xbox One X (2019) – How Do They Compare?
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Here are the specs for the Xbox Series X:

And here are the specs for the Xbox One X:

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Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X
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