For a large portion of its users, the PS4 was a particularly loud console. Is the PS5 the same or can the cats relax now?

Released in November 2020, the PlayStation 5, as we’d have expected, is one of the most powerful and comprehensive consoles we’ve ever seen.

The device is still rebounding from a high degree of scalping on its first introduction, and demand for this impressive machine remains high more than a year later.

PlayStation 5 DualSense ControllerPin

It has a bespoke GPU, CPU, and SSD that can produce high framerates, enable 4K multimedia streaming, and operate at great speeds to provide the best gaming experience possible. It also has a bunch of power saving abilities too, like Rest Mode.

But how does the machine handle all of this power? Is it possible to hear all of these features in action?

Is The PS5 Loud?

While the majority of PS5s are rather quiet, this cannot be true for all of them due to Sony’s utilisation of numerous fans throughout the production process.

Fans with more blades are often quieter than those with fewer; yet, neither is truly silent; noise is an unavoidable by-product.

However, some users claim that their PS5 is quite silent, while others state that the fans make some noise, but it’s only a bit louder.

Regardless of the fan you receive, the cooling effect should be the same, and all should operate absolutely fine to keep your PS5 at its ideal temperature.

While there is considerable discussion over whether the PS5 should be vertical or horizontal, the cooling efficiency and noise produced should be the same in either case.

Furthermore, whether you purchase the PS5 Disc or Digital Edition, there should be little to no change in the volume created by the system.

How Does The Noise Compare To The PS4?

As previously stated, the PS4 was a famously noisy console, with the cooling system creating a lot of unpleasant background noise. It really was an obnoxious bit of kit.

Sony has stated that they want PS5 to be quieter than PS4. Changes in the power supply and cooling systems, as well as specialised engineering work that included a bespoke heatsink and a liquid metal-based thermal interface material, have caused this.

Saying all this, the PS4 Pro wasn’t quite as bad.

Nevertheless, regardless of which fans you receive in your system, many customers have commented that the PS5 is significantly quieter than the PS4. It appears that Sony achieved its aim.

My PS5 Is Noisy – Can I Fix It?

There are a few easy actions you can do to assist decrease unwanted noise from your PS5:

  • Make sure the air vents aren’t blocked and leave a bit of space behind the console for adequate ventilation. If your PS5 is too close to a wall or piece of furniture, there’s nowhere for the heat to escape.
  • Make sure dust doesn’t accumulate on the console’s outside and obstruct vents. Make a habit of cleaning the dust out of your PlayStation regularly.
  • Place the console on a hard, flat surface rather than a rug or carpet, since the fibres from such materials will further insulate the machine and contribute to increased heat and noise.

In addition, there’s an ongoing conversation about whether the PS5 should be positioned vertically or horizontally, however, there’s no proof that this impacts the noise output.

Other Known PS5 Issues

We’re certainly not trying to put you off buying a PS5 – in fact, I personally encourage the acquisition – but it’s important that people know that the console isn’t quite perfect before they go out and spend their hard-earned cash on one.

Here are a few other known issues with the PS5 and in all honesty they are only minor flaws that will be fixed in the near future:

Rest Mode Crashes

Rest mode on the PS5 isn’t a new feature, but it’s been causing people problems recently. Rest mode suspends activity when you’re away from your computer, keeping it up to date. When users have tried putting their PS5s into rest mode, as they were used to doing with their PS4s, they suffered crashes as well as some even more damaging issues in some cases.

There is no official Sony remedy for this issue, however, you can always switch off rest mode in the meanwhile to guarantee you don’t run across any issues. Simply go to the Settings menu, choose System Settings, and then select Power Saving from the drop-down menu. Then, just select ‘Don’t Put in Rest Mode’, to prevent this potential issue from affecting you.

External Hard Drive Corruption

The usage of external hard drives has long been touted by Sony as one of the PS5’s most beneficial features. If you like, you can keep your PS4 games there, and you’ll have plenty of extra room beyond what the device comes with. Users, on the other hand, are experiencing issues moving data from their PS4 system to their PS5 system using an external hard drive. Some people have reported seeing damaged data after the transfer, while others have reported losing data that was previously available on the hard disc.

Because Sony has yet to release a resolution, it’s advisable to avoid utilising external storage for the time being.

PSN Connectivity Problems

Users have experienced issues with randomly connecting to the PlayStation Network, as well as downloading games from the service. Most of the time, it’s unlikely to be a PS5-specific issue, but when it comes to downloading updates for the new console, some customers have reported troubles going online upon receiving their new systems on social media.

Error code CE-108262-9

Users who suffer system crashes, failures, and error code CE-108262-9 on a regular basis may be experiencing system degeneration and malfunctioning hardware, necessitating a contact to tech support.

CE-108262-9 is not an error code for which you should wait for a firmware update. Consider contacting PlayStation support for a possible solution if you get this problem repeatedly (or even just a few times). This error code presently has no known solution.