If your PS5 has been getting a bit too hot for your comfort, whether it’s your opinion or your PS5 has given you a warning, there are a few things you can do to avoid harm.

The PS5 has been out for around 14 months now and after this much time, it can be common for us to become accustomed to various details that we should probably be looking out for.

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s most powerful PlayStation system to date, and while it might not have a web browser – ok, it does have one, but it’s kind of secret – the console itself is absolutely stunning.

The hardware’s architecture is based on its ultra-fast SSD, which contributes to an I/O Throughput of 8-9GB per second, a staggering leap over the 50-100MB per second of the PlayStation 4.

What does this imply in terms of application? In milestone launch titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, anticipate loading times of roughly two seconds.

It also has a 10.28 teraflop proprietary RDNA2 GPU and a CPU with 8x Zen 2 Cores running at 3.5GHz, so it’s not the only significant upgrade. All of the hardware, along with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, means that games will look and run better than they have in the past.

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New hardware technologies, such as hardware-accelerated raytracing, mean that certain software will be able to display better reflections and shadows, while the Tempest Audio Engine can process the placement of multiple audio sources at once, increasing the overall scope of soundscapes, especially when using headphones.

Is it surprising, therefore, that the PlayStation 5 console may become a touch too hot at times, given all of its power, or should the PS5’s design and fanning system be equipped to manage it?

Can The PS5 Overheat?

While the PS5’s design is optimised to minimise overheating, and the console’s fan system does a good job overall, the PS5 has been known to overheat at times, much like most other game consoles to date.

If your PlayStation 5 isn’t provided adequate ventilation to keep itself cool, it might suffer system slowdowns, damage, or even result in permanent damage.

Every day, specialists help people with their technology needs, including resolving difficulties with their PlayStation 5 consoles. The following are some of the warning signals that your PS5 is overheating:

Signs That Your PS5 Is Overheating

There is a multitude of reasons why your PlayStation 5 can overheat.

For starters, material such as lint, hair, pet fur or dust may choke air vents, causing them to get jammed. You may also experience inadequate airflow if you store your console in an enclosed cupboard or a confined room with little natural light and ventilation.

Video games that are graphically demanding require a lot of electricity and may also lead to overheating in your PS5.

These are some of the symptoms that our PlayStation 5 is experiencing overheating problems:

  • The most obvious way to tell if your PlayStation 5 is overheating is if it is physically hot to the touch. If there is a significant amount of heat emitting from the console when you’re turning it on, inserting a different game or just brushing past it, there’s a chance it might need a cleanout or to be repositioned.
  • The second biggest sign that your PS5 is overheating is if it is audibly struggling. If the fan is working double time and your console is humming or whistling louder than it may usually do, it is probably too hot.
  • Another sign of an overheating PS5 is within your gaming experience. If loading times are getting a little longer or your games are freezing at times, even very briefly, your PlayStation may be overheating.
  • One final sign of overheating is if there are visual issues on your PS5, which can include black spots or streaks, or even a total colour wash of your display in purples, greens and blacks.

If your PS5 becomes too hot to handle, you’ll get a system warning message indicating that your console is too hot and that you’ll need to turn it off in order to cool it down and prevent damage.

How To Prevent Your PS5 From Overheating

If you suspect your PS5 is overheating, or you’re just being proactive in preventing this issue, there are several things you can do to assist your console’s fanning system in stopping it from becoming overwhelmed by debris and hot air.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your PS5 is best looked after:

  • Make sure there is plenty of space between your PlayStation and the nearest surfaces, except for the one it is resting on, of course. It is advised to not keep your device in an enclosed space and to ensure there are at least four inches of space between your PS5 and any walls or large objects.
  • Keep your PS5’s surrounding areas clean and regularly dusted, and maybe even vacuum the vents of the console whenever you’re passing by with the vacuum.
  • Although I’m certainly a hypocrite for suggesting this, it is also recommended to keep pets out of whichever room your PS5 is in, or at least well away from the console’s exact position. This will prevent the accumulation of pet hair within the machine.
  • Whether you prefer to position your PS5 vertically or horizontally, make sure you’re doing so on a flat, smooth surface. Avoid carpets, rugs and such as lint and fabrics can get into the device.
  • Clean out your PS5 regularly. They’re very easy to take apart and the fans are very accessible. Make sure you unplug your console and touch a door handle to remove any static before doing so. Make a habit of doing this once a month, or even once every few months.

All of the above steps are very easy to do and are not particularly time-consuming, so there’s very little effort involved in order to prevent your PS5 from potentially devastating overheating-induced damage.