Should I Leave My PS5 In Rest Mode?

What is PlayStation 5’s ‘Rest Mode’ and when should it be used? Let’s find out when it is and is not safe to leave your PS5 in this mode.

The PS5 has many, many new features beyond its design (and which way the PS5 stand is best utilised).

There are three power settings, for instance, on your PS5 console: On, Rest Mode, and Off.

The On and Off modes are quite self-explanatory. When it comes to activating Rest Mode, though, things might become a little tricky.

Rest Mode, according to several users, causes a slew of problems and failures. If you’re still unsure about this power choice, keep reading this tutorial to find out more.

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Rest Mode is a PS5 power option that allows you to turn your console off. On your PS5, the setting is turned on by default so that you can always continue from where you left off. That’s why, when they need to suspend their games for 30 minutes or more, many users choose to use Rest Mode.

Always make sure the power supply is always kept connected after enabling Rest Mode. Data loss may occur if you disconnect the AC power cable while your PS5’s power light is flashing. This might also cause game corruption or harm to the PS5’s hardware.

Can I Leave My PS5 In Rest Mode?

If you wish to download games with big file sizes or install the newest game or software updates, you may theoretically keep your PS5 console in Rest Mode overnight. It shouldn’t take more than three hours to charge your DualSense controller. As a result, there’s no need to charge your controller by leaving your console in Rest Mode overnight.

Rest Mode is, in principle, risk-free. When trying to pull the PS5 out of Rest Mode, however, several users have reported that the console stays unresponsive or produces different problems.

Close all your applications and games before entering Rest Mode to avoid problems. When you engage Rest Mode while your games are still running in the background, bugs and malfunctions are more likely to occur.

If your game is stored on an external drive, wait a few moments before placing your console into Rest Mode after you’ve finished playing to avoid causing problems.

Rest Mode can sometimes cause your console to crash. It’s still unclear why this occurs. It’s unclear whether this is a software or hardware issue. According to user feedback, it’s better to avoid using Rest Mode. Instead, put your games on hold or switch your system off.

Does the PS5 automatically enter Rest Mode?

On PS5 consoles, Rest Mode is turned on by default. This implies that your console will enter Rest Mode automatically after a certain amount of time. Turning off the Rest Mode option will prohibit this from occurring.

Turning off Rest Mode is simple – just do the following:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Navigate to ‘System settings’.
  3. In the system settings, find the ‘Power saving’ options.
  4. In the ‘Power saving’ settings, you’ll see ‘Set time until PS5 enters Rest Mode.
  5. Of the three options, choose ‘Don’t put in Rest Mode’.

How Long Does Rest Mode Last?

If you’d prefer to leave Rest Mode on since errors are fairly uncommon and won’t necessarily cause a great deal of damage, there are three options when choosing your preferred Rest Mode duration. These options are ‘Always’, ‘Three hours’, or ‘Off’.

If your console doesn’t automatically go into Rest Mode by default, these are the settings you can navigate to turn it on. If you only want to enter Rest Mode in order to charge your controller after use, then the ‘Three hours’ option will provide plenty of time for a full charge.

The Most Common Rest Mode Bug

The orange light on your PS5 will go out after a certain amount of time, and you won’t be able to turn it on using your gamepad. Instead, you must push the Power button on the machine.

The issue is that the console beeps but does not do anything. The PS5 does not turn on, and you must turn it on again with your controller or the power button. After that, a message will show on the screen stating that the console’s storage has to be repaired.

The good news is that Sony has already released multiple patches to address this problem. So make sure your PS5 is up to date so you can take advantage of the latest repairs and system upgrades.

PS5 Availability Update

The PS5 has been available for nearly a year, yet gamers are still unable to obtain a copy of Sony’s latest platform. Since its release in 2020, the PS5 has had stock troubles, and the restocking saga continues to this day.

The tragic storey began in November 2020, when eager players tore into pre-ordered PS5 packages only to discover that they had been changed with a variety of other strange products. More PS5s were quickly picked up whenever they became available, with scalpers leading the push.

Sadly, due to a global scarcity of semiconductors, which has been exacerbated by growing demand for electronics over the previous year and a half, the PS5’s availability is unlikely to improve until mid or even late 2022. Sony said in November that between April 2021 and March 2022, it will reduce its console manufacturing from 16 million to 15 million units.

With the debut of PlayStation Direct in the UK in November, things have been looking good over the previous several months. The pre-Christmas retailer rush also saw the most monthly restocks on PS5 record, as stores went to great lengths to get systems under Christmas trees.

Those who have been committed enough have recently made an effort to purchase one earlier in the day before retailers run out of stock. Most retailers will be able to tell you when they will be back in stock, so do your homework and reap the benefits.

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