Amidst all the chaos surrounding the PS5, we bring you some good news – there is a Scuf PS5 controller in the works and it’ll be here inside 2021

Corsair has confirmed that a Scuf PS5 controller is on the way. Work is now underway on a brand new PS5-focussed Scuf controller that, fingers crossed, should be here in time for the end of the year.

You can currently use the Scuf PS4 controller on the PS5, of course, but only when you’re playing PS4 games.

If you load up PS5 exclusive games, the PS4 Scuf controller will not work.

Andy Paul, Corsair CEO, confirmed the new Scuf PS5 controller during the company’s recent earnings call. Paul was asked about PS5 compatibility by investors, and it was then that he let the cat out the bag.

However, Paul mentioned that it was the PS4 that was currently driving the vast majority of Corsair’s revenue – not Microsoft’s Xbox.

He further added that things will likely change, however, as PS5 stock updates occur and more and more players get their hands on the console.

Here’s Mr. Paul’s statement in full:

“Yes. Well, the first thing is, as you probably know, we have a license agreement with Microsoft for Xbox”, Corsair’s CEO said. “And so it’s a slightly different split between Xbox and PS4. In other words, we have higher sales of PS4. So it is the majority of the revenue of SCUF. If you look at the installed base, it’s well over 100 million units of PS4 versus a few million of PS5. So still, by far, the majority of the demand comes from that segment.”

He added:

“We’re obviously working as fast as we can to get out of [the] PS5 controller. We haven’t released when that will be, but I suspect we’ll be pretty early in the market compared to any of our competitors.”

Scuf PS5 Controller Release Date

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Paul doesn’t give any specifics on when the Scuf PS5 Controller will launch, nor did he give much of an indication about when we can expect it, save that it would be here sooner than most of Corsair’s competitors’ alternatives.

But that isn’t the case though is it, Mr. Paul? You see, you can already buy third-party PS5 controllers – the EVZEN Elite PS5 controller, for instance, is now available to buy for $194.

Scuf PS5 Controller – What’s The Delay?

Rather than plowing money into a massive marketing and advertising campaign, Corsair is clearly biding its time to see how the whole PS5 stock debacle plays out.

At present, PS5 restocks are rare. And when they do happen, units are snapped up within minutes. Amazon’s UK PS5 restock sold out in seconds, and Best Buy’s in the US was much the same.

Sony basically cannot make enough consoles to satisfy demands, and this is down to chip shortages and supply chain issues off of the back of COVID.

However, Sony execs have confirmed that they expect stock levels to improve as we move through the summer.

Sony wants to be back at full capacity in time for Christmas. If it is not it could cost the company billions in potential revenue.

My guess? We’ll see the Scuf PS5 Controller announced during the run up to 2021’s holiday season – maybe just before.