Whether you got a new PS5 for Christmas or you decided to treat yourself after another year of hard work, you might be wondering how the PS5 Stand works. Here’s how you can use it…

The PlayStation 5 has a striking appearance and is easily the best console on the market right now, but there’s more to its design than its massive polar-white fins.

In reality, the PS5 has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to how it may be configured.

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We can explain all you need to know about the PlayStation 5’s appearance, whether you want to stand it up vertically, lay it down horizontally, or replace the large white side plates altogether.

How Does The PS5 Stand Work?

The stand lies right under the PS5 when it’s laying horizontally, with two little plastic hooks in the rear of the machine. The PS5 is kept steady using just friction and the weight of the device, thanks to these hooks and an elevated piece of the PS5 stand in the centre.

If the PS5 is in a vertical orientation, the stand is kept in place by a screw that is neatly placed in a hidden chamber within the stand when it is not being used. The screw is the only thing anchoring the stand to the PlayStation 5 in this configuration, but no concern is necessary as it’s a rather big screw.

Does It Matter If The PS5 Is Vertical Or Horizontal?

There may not exactly be a right or wrong way to position the PS5, but it could be argued that it’s vertical in practically all of Sony’s marketing materials, implying that’s how the firm wants consumers to use it. t’s also just that little extra aesthetically pleasing when it’s vertically oriented.

In terms of cooling, air is drawn into the PlayStation 5 through the holes between its black centre slab and its white side panels, while exhaust vents cover practically the whole back of the machine. As a result, the console’s position should have no effect on the console’s capacity to dispel heat.

Does It Matter Which Way Around The Disc Goes In?

The appropriate rotation of a disc may not be obvious when the PS5 is in its vertical position.

When the PS5 is resting horizontally, the disc slot should be on the bottom (if it’s on top, your machine is upside down).

Discs should naturally be put with the printed side facing up into the slot. To stand up the PS5, simply turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise. So, when inserting a disc into a vertical PS5, make sure the printed face is pointing to the left — that is, toward the PS5’s centre.

How To Install The Stand (Vertical Configuration)

If, like us, you prefer the PS5 in its vertical position, here’s how you attach the stand to support it in this configuration:

  1. Swivel the stand’s base so that the elevated part is directly in line with the back hooks. On the underside of the stand, this will expose a concealed chamber. The screw can be found inside here.
  2. Place the machine on its front so that the PS5’s back is facing upwards. Check the console’s base, where a small black circle may be found in the middle, surrounded on either side by a line of small outlets. This is a plastic cap that conceals the hole where the PS5’s stand screws in while it’s vertical.
  3. Remove the cap and place it in the spherical receptacle within the stand’s chamber.
  4. Place the stand on the PlayStation 5’s underside, aligning the hole in the stand with the screw hole in the PS5’s base. Use a flathead screwdriver, or a penny, to secure the stand.

How To Install The Stand (Horizontal Configuration)

If you’d prefer to have your PlayStation 5 laying down in a horizontal position, you’ll need to follow these steps in order to attach the stand:

  1. Adjust the PlayStation 5 stand’s base so that the elevated part and hooks are not in line.
  2. Place the PS5 on its front so that the device’s back is looking upward. Take a look at the back port matrix on the machine. A repeating pattern of the PlayStation face buttons may be found beneath the left-hand USB port, carved on the lowest white plastic fin.
  3. Place the hooks in the squares on either end of the pattern and press the hooks into position, aligning the stand with the symbols. Ensure Make sure the hooks are pushed in as far as they will go to attain a secure connection. There won’t be a click to listen out for so you’ll just have to trust you’ve pushed it in far enough.
  4. Check that the console is balanced properly on the elevated section of the stand, then place it on a level surface.

How To Remove The PS5 Side Panels

It’s very possible to remove the side panels of your PS5, and it’s not simply by physical force: it’s an intentional design feature.

Simply pull up one of the plastic pieces at either opposite corner to remove the sides. Pull straight up; the latches’ design allows you to automatically pull the component to the side as it rises. Replace the second piece of plastic on the console and repeat the process.

There are a variety of reasons why you would desire to get rid of these items. For example, cleaning out the fan when the machine is consistently overheating (recommended), as well as the dust catchers, which are located just beneath the plastic fins and are easily accessible once those panels are taken off.

Another reason would be for access to the PS5’s storage expansion slot, which is located beneath the lower plastic panel and accessible by disassembling the little metal cover.