Windows Phone 8.1 Update: Out Now, How To Download

Microsoft announced its full Windows Phone 8.1 update a little less than two weeks ago which included the new Cortana voice activated assistant, a new notifications centre and a load of other features. Now developers can begin to download the software onto their Windows Phone handsets. It’s not just developers…

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Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Update Screenshot Leak

Windows Phone 8.1 Quick Menu Screenshot Another leaked screenshot for Windows Phone 8.1 has appeared on the internet. This time it comes courtesy of TheWinCentral. The screenshot shows a quick drawer panel which is available when you swipe down from the top of the screen. Options on the screen include…

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Microsoft Makin’ It Rain For Potential Windows Phone Partners

A number of stories have emerged recently suggesting Microsoft may be slipping device manufactures a few bills to help promote a boost in Windows Phone handsets, with Sony and Samsung both being pointed to as receivers of a cash injection. In response to the back-and-forth on Twitter, Microsoft communications exec…

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Samsung Windows Phone Handset Linked With MWC 2014 Reveal

It’s not just Sony giving Windows Phone another look. Samsung is also said to be bringing a Windows Phone-powered to market in 2014, and best of all we could see this device unveiled next month at MWC 2014. With GDR3 now in the wild, Microsoft is on the offensive and…

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Windows 9 Fixed For April 2015 Release

Microsoft will release Windows 9 in April 2015. According to reports, the company is keen to address problems with Windows 8, and will do so by reimagining the entire platform. Tech blogger and Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott has reported the project currently titled “Threshold” will arrive in 2015. It will…

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Nokia Black Windows Phone 8 update coming today

Nokia’s Lumia Black software update for its Windows Phone handsets will be seeing a worldwide release from today. There are a bunch of new features coming to Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 handsets. App Folder is a new feature in the update, it brings with it further customisation on the start…

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