Windows Phone beats iPhone in 24 markets

After slowly increasing its market share throughout 2013, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has yet another cause for celebration: Windows Phone handsets – namely, the Nokia Lumia 520 and 521 – are outselling iPhones in 24 markets around the globe. According to Neowin Microsoft said, “Windows Phone reinforced its position as a top…

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Daylight coming to PS4 and Windows Phone soon

We’ve all been there, trying to negotiate your way around a place with only the light from your smartphone. Usually this results in spilt drinks, dropping objects and stubbed toes. But in Daylight, a new PlayStation 4 and Windows exclusive game, it ends in almost certain death. Daylight is a…

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Sony confirms interest in Windows Phone. Now in talks with Microsoft

Sony has confirmed it is in talks with Microsoft about producing a Windows Phone for release later this year. Pierre Perron, head of Sony Mobile Europe confirmed to Techradar that Sony is actively pursuing a Windows Phone 8 handset. It’s thought now Microsoft has bought out Nokia, the operating system…

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Windows Phone 9 coming “late-2014” sans Live Tiles?

Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 9 in the second half of 2014. However, that’s not the big news. No, the big news is this – Microsoft will apparently ditch its tile-based Metro UX in favour of… well, something else entirely, according to Russian tech-blogger Eldar Murtazin who tweeted the following…

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Start menu could finally come back to Windows

An update to Windows 8 will bring back the Start menu, according to reports. The update codenamed “Threshold” is expected to arrive in Spring 2015 and some have taken to calling it Windows 8.2. According to Paul Thurrott from Winsupersite.com Microsoft aim to have the Start menu as an option…

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