THESE Are The BEST Windows Phone Apps For 2015

Windows Phone is generating a lot of excitement nowadays. It could the catalyst Microsoft needs to position itself as a true contender against Android and iOS.  The thing that hurts the platform most, however, is lack of apps – or, “app gap” as it is more commonly known. But the good…

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An iPhone Lover’s Week With Windows Phone 8.1

I am a huge Apple fan,  perhaps more so than you normal “fanboy”. I have used Apple products for over 15 years because I honestly considered them the best for my needs. But more than that  I also worked for the company for five years, I still have many friends…

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How To Download Windows Phone 8.1 & Cortana In The UK

There’s a lot to like inside Windows Phone 8.1. Things like Action Center, the new Start Screen enhancements, baked in Skype-support, and the myriad of bug fixes, back-end changes and improved developer options. To be sure, Microsoft’s done its homework. And the end result is a platform that is now,…

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Age Of Empires Coming To iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Age of Empires is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. The game allows players to dive straight into controlling their very own empire throughout various stages of history and now it’s coming to mobile devices. At some point this summer, Age of Empires World Domination…

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