Wearable technology

Wearable tech is one of the fastest growing segments in the technology space. Driven by biometrics, data, and an interest in fitness and automation, join us below for a detailed look at all the best mew wearable technology.

Why The Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Beat Apple’s iPhone 8 In 2017

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus Are Now OFFICIAL [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”content_full_width”,”fid”:”39910″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”681″,”width”:”620″}}]] At long last, Samsung has taken the wraps off its latest and greatest, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus flagship models. Both handsets are now up for pre-order following months and months of rumours and leaks.…

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All The Biggest Tech Trends Coming In 2017

The past 12 months have been pretty interesting. We’ve seen – and reviewed – a ton of new gear and there have been one or two big upsets, most notably Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. Google had an exceptionally busy year, releasing phones, software updates and Assistant-powered peripheral devices like its Google Home…

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Pebble is DEAD… Thanks FitBit

Pebble was one of the first truly visible smart-watch brands to emerge in the heady days of the burgeoning smartwatch space. A few years later things are looking, well… a little less heady. Apple’s Apple Watch has stalled, with sales down 90% since April, and Android Wear has yet to…

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