Google Pixel 3 XL vs Apple iPhone XS MAX

There once was a time when, if you wanted a big-screen phone, Android was the only option. Things have changed in recent years, and now Apple is competing in the ‘phablet’ space, and has just launched the iPhone XS Max, which has the largest screen of any phone the company…

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Google Pixel 2 vs Google Pixel 3 – What’s The Difference?

Google introduced its updates to its Pixel line of smartphones this week. The new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL now take the crown as Google’s flagship smartphones–if not the crown for all Android smartphones. But what’s surprising about the Pixel 3 upgrade is that some things stayed almost exactly…

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Forget The OnePlus 6T! OnePlus Wants To Make TVs

The OnePlus 6T is coming. Just like the OnePlus 5T, the handset will pick up where the OnePlus 6 left off, adding in some new features, specs, and tweaks. The OnePlus 6, a phone I am currently using, is one of the best phones around right now. For the price,…

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Apple Watch Series 4 vs Apple Watch Series 3

This month Apple unveiled the fourth iteration of its wearable product: the Apple Watch Series 4. It’s the first Apple Watch to vary its design since the device first came to market four years ago. The new Apple watch Series 4 is both (a bit) thinner than previous models and…

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