Apple TV Vs Roku Ultra: Does 4K ALWAYS Trump 1080p?

Recently Roku dropped a whole new series of digital media players in hopes of making one that fits everyone’s needs. Their lineup now includes the Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. Basically, as you move up the line, the digital media player gains more features.…

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Apple Watch Series 1 vs Apple Watch Series 2: Best Option?

Many people think Apple only unveiled one new Apple Watch this month: the Apple Watch Series 2. However, Apple actually unveiled two new Watches. Along with the Series 2, then also unveiled the Series 1, which is essentially a tweaked version of the original Apple Watch released in 2015. But…

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What Are The Best 4K TVs To Buy in 2017?

How far things have come in just a year. Last year at this time there were plenty of 4K UHD televisions on the market–but very little 4K content available to play on them. But over the last year 4K content has grown exponentially, with many major streaming services, such as…

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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: What’s The Best Console Option For 2017?

The console market is notoriously a slow and lumbering beast; typically next-gen consoles aren’t announced until the existing models have had at least a 5-year run, more typically 7-years to as much as a decade between new iterations. This allows for multiple generations of increasingly complex games taking more and…

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