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How To Get watchOS 6 On Your Apple Watch Right Now

Apple unveiled no fewer than four new operating systems at WWDC this year. Two of them, iPadOS and iOS 13 are no available to developers and public beta testers if they want to get their hands on them early. However, watchOS 6, the operating system that will run on all…

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How To Get iPadOS On Your iPad Right Now

At WWDC this month, Apple previewed iOS 13 just as everyone thought they would. But what was shocking was Apple announced iOS 13 would ONLY run on the iPhone–not the iPad as it always had. Instead, Apple then announced, that it was unveiling a brand new mobile operating system built…

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How To Get iOS 13 On Your iPhone Right Now

Apple showed off iOS 13 at its WWDC keynote earlier this month. The next version of the OS powering the iPhone has a slew of new features including Dark Mode, Sign in with Apple, a new and improved Maps, Siri with a new voice, a swipe keyboard, and more. Indeed…

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12 Crazy-Useful Audible Tips & Tricks You Need In Your Life

Love Audible? Us too! And with these 12 crazy-useful Audible tips and tricks, you’ll uncover so much more of what the app can really do… #1) Make Use of Amazon’s Free Audible Trial This one is a no-brainer. Amazon offers a free trial of Audible, which will net you two…

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The #1 Easiest Way To Clear Cache On An Xbox One

How To Clear The Cache On Your Xbox One Console Turn off your Xbox One console, then unplug the power cable from the back of the device. Wait for about two minutes. Then plug the power cable back in. Look at the power brick and wait for the indicator light…

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20 Crazy Things Apple’s HomePod Can Do Around Your Home

Use your HomePod to its full potential! Here’s a quick primer on how to use HomePod to its full potential, including 20 things Apple’s HomePod can now do around your home… 1) Using HomePod: HomePod Touch Controls Like all smart speakers, you primarily interact with the HomePod via voice control. But…

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