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5 Reasons To 100% AVOID Free VPNs (#3’s Super-Important)

You should be using a VPN on your phone and PC, but you definitely shouldn’t be using FREE VPNs. And this is why… Free is good. Sometimes. But when you’re talking about your private internet data, free is never good. In fact, it’s downright scary once you know what’s going…

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Resetting iPhone vs Restoring iPhone – What’s The Difference!?

I often get asked what the difference is between restoring and iPhone and resetting an iPhone. I’ve also seen a lot of people seriously mess up their iPhones because they chose the wrong method and/or didn’t follow all the appropriate steps correctly. So, whatever the reason you want to restore/reset…

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How To Turn on iPhone Dark Mode (#1 Easiest Method)

Yep, the iPhone FINALLY has Dark Mode. You can thank iOS 13 for that. Fans have clamored for a dark mode in iOS for years and it’s finally here–and it looks stunning. Announcing the feature when Apple unveiled iOS 13 last year, Apple said: “Dark Mode introduces a dramatic new look…

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How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

Dark Mode for Whatsapp is now available on Android, and this is how to activate it… Dark Mode for Whatsapp was, perhaps, the #1 most-wanted feature by Android phone users in 2019. Apple’s iPhone has had Dark Mode for a while now, thanks to 2019’s iOS 13 release, but the…

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