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9 Simple Ways To Use Less Data on iPhone (UPDATED)

MORE: Check Out KYM’s Guide To The #1 Best iPhone Models For 2019/20 #1) Embrace “Low Data Mode” Low Data Mode came inside iOS 13 and its purpose is simple: to slow down your data consumption. How does it do this? By limiting the amount of data applications can use…

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11 Tips That’ll Help Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

If you’re using a smaller iPhone, chances are the battery life isn’t great. Use these simple tips and tricks to improve your iPhone’s battery life… Top 11 iPhone Battery Tips – How To Get More From Your iPhone Need A New iPhone? Make Sure You Check Out Our Best iPhone…

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How Mobile Data Works – From 1G to 5G (We’ve Come A LONG WAY…)

What Is Mobile Data? The Basics (In Layman’s Terms) Mobile data lets you connect to the internet when you’re away from your home WiFi network. Mobile networks are powered by cell towers; these towers are dotted around the country and are collectively known as a “cell” – they power your phone,…

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How To Customize Your iPhone Control Center (And Make It Better)

How To Customize The iPhone Control Center  Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 11 or higher. Swipe down and tap Control Center. On the Control Center screen, tap Customize Controls. One the Customize screen you’ll see shortcuts divided into two lists: “included” and…

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How To Take Better iPhone Pictures (In 5 Simple Steps)

#1) Use The Rule of Thirds Grid There’s a tenet in photography called the “rule of thirds.” Basically, it states that if you divide your shot into nine imaginary grids by placing three horizontal and three vertical lines “over” the image and keep the subjects of your shots sequestered to…

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Resetting iPhone vs Restoring iPhone – What’s The Difference!?

I often get asked what the difference is between restoring and resetting an iPhone. I’ve also seen a lot of people seriously mess up their iPhones because they chose the wrong method and/or didn’t follow all the appropriate steps correctly. So, whatever the reason you want to restore/reset your iPhone…

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