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How To Cancel Your Apple Arcade Subscription (Easy Method)

Apple has a ton of subscription services. Some are rather humdrum (like Apple News+), while others are perfectly fine (such as Apple Music). But probably the best subscription service Apple offers is Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is Apple’s subscription video game service. Apple is working with some of the best…

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How To Use Apple Pay’s Express Transit (Tips & More!)

For a few years now, Apple Pay users in select cities around the world have been able to use Apple Pay contactless payments on their iPhone to touch in to select public transport systems. While the ability to use your iPhone as a payment ticket was relatively convenient, it was…

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Bluetooth Problems – The #1 Causes & How To Fix Them

Bluetooth has been around, in one form or another, for 20 years – so why is it still so damn unreliable!? The death of the headphone jack has been widely discussed, debated, and written about over the past several years. Apple kicked off the trend by removing the headphone jack from…

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