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Intuitive, detailed, and easy to follow user guides on all the latest and greatest tech products and software. If you’re struggling to understand how something works, chances are you’ll find a guide for it below complete with handy tips and best practices.

How to Wirelessly Migrate Your Data To A New iPhone

With iOS 12.4 Apple added an incredibly cool tool to the iPhone. Now users can wirelessly all the data from their old iPhone to a new one by simply creating an ad hoc wireless network between them. Previously in order to migrate your old iPhone data to your new iPhone,…

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Netflix’s Witcher Show – Everything You Need To Know

Tipped to be the next Game of Thrones, Netflix’s adaptation of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s long-running fantasy novel series is coming later this year. We’ve just been gifted the first trailer, which gives us a flavour of what the final series is going to be like. If you’re in the…

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FaceApp: How To Use It & How It Works – But Is It SAFE!?

The latest viral craze is people posting photos of themselves of what they will look like in old age. No, everyone hasn’t become masters at Photoshop. Instead, they’re using an app called FaceApp that ages them instantaneously. Here’s everything you need to know. FaceApp – What Is It? FaceApp is…

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