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How To Use Google Classroom: Basic Overview & How It Works

In this post, we will show you what Google Classroom is all about, how it works, and more… Online learning has become one of the most accessible and most convenient means of modern education. Apart from offering classes online and storing digital files, schools can also share these digital files…

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Download Classic Nokia 3310 Ringtones For iPhone & Android

Remember the Nokia 3310? Well, you can now download its classic ringtones and text message alerts for modern smartphones. We’ll also show your where and how to get access to loads of free ringtones as well. Read on!  If you’re sick of Google and Apple’s stock ringtones and text message…

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How To Make Siri Use Google Assistant (#1 EASIEST Way)

For years Siri seemed to take second place compared to other personal digital assistants like Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. But that all changed with Siri in iOS 12. Since then, Siri is arguably the most powerful and versatile assistant on the planet. That’s because Apple introduced what is called…

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How To Disable FaceTime On iPhone, iPad & Mac (The BEST Way)

FaceTime is Apple’s popular video chatting app. It’s available on Macs, iPhones, and iPads and comes bundled with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, which runs on those devices, respectively. When it comes to ease-of-use and privacy, FaceTime is generally one of the most secure and easy video chatting apps out there.…

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“OK, Google” – The 20 Most-Useful Google Home Commands (#9’s My Favorite)

The 20 Most Useful “OK, Google” Commands (In No Particular Order) Open A Website/Blog – “OK Google, Go To” Create Appointment – “OK Google, Create An Appointment For 10 am on Friday” Timer – “OK Google, Set A Timer For 5 Minutes” Specific Emails – “OK Google, Show Me Emails From [Insert Name of Contact] Define A…

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