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Organise Your iPhone Contacts App Like a PRO In 4 Simple Steps

How To Organise Your iPhone Contacts Like An Absolute Pro Step #1) Merge Duplicate Contacts Many people save contact information for the same person piecemeal. What I mean by that is if we get an email from someone we might save their email address as one contact card while later…

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Best Alexa Built-In Android Phones – Our #1 Picks

Amazon has a collection of Alexa Built-in Android phones that feature Alexa instead of Google Assistant. And these are our current favorites… The #1 Best Alexa Built-In Android Phones Read on for an expanded look at each phone…  #1) LG G8 – The Flagship Option ($849.99) If you’re flush with…

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Apple Pay Explained: What It Does & How It Works

Still use cash? Still use a physical credit or debit card? Right now you’re still in the majority, but that’s changing fast. In 2018, 55 million people in the U.S. used a mobile payment method–that’s 20% of the population. And that number is expected to increase from here on out…

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