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How To Clear History On iPhone (The BEST Way)

If you’re asked what on our iPhone reveals the most about us, you’d probably say the pictures stored on the device, or maybe your emails or messages. And while those are all right answers, there is one other thing that stores a ton of personal information about us on our…

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How To Share Your Location On iPhone

“Where you at?” How many times have we been asked, or asked ourselves, that phrase? Yet thanks to the new Find My software on the iPhone we no longer have to have people ask us where we are or how much longer until we’re “there.” In this article, we’ll tell…

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How To Download Photos From An iPhone To A Mac

So you’ve got a shiny new iPhone 11 Pro with its amazing triple-lens camera system. It’s a safe bet you’re putting that camera to some good use too. But while the iPhone has plenty of storage now to hold all your photos, you’ll probably want to eventually offload them to…

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How To Back Up Your iPhone To iCloud (The BEST Way)

It goes without saying that you should always back up your important data. In today’s day and age, our most important data is probably on our phones. They contain our photos, messages, contacts, and more. Thankfully, if you own an iPhone, Apple has made it very easy to constantly keep…

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How To Install watchOS Updates On The Apple Watch (The EASY Way)

When Apple first came out with the Apple Watch–and up to an including last year–users who wanted to update to that latest Apple Watch operating system had to do it through a convoluted method using their iPhone. However, starting with watchOS 6, Apple Watch owners can install any operating system…

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