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How To Block/Stop Pop-Ups on Android (The #1 Simplest Method)

Pop-up adverts are the work of Satan. But you can stop them from appearing on your Android phone – all it takes is a few simple tweaks… Pop-ups are just awful. Everybody hates them. But they’re often unavoidable when you’re browsing online. But what if I told you that you…

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How To Set Up & Reset Your Apple HomePod (The EASY Way)

The HomePod is Apple’s first foray into the smart speaker market. As you would expect from an Apple device, the HomePod features a very minimal design aesthetic and an even more minimal user interface. The latter is, of course, because you primarily interact with your HomePod via voice commands. As…

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How To Use iPhone’s Family Sharing Like a Pro

A major new feature of iOS is Family Sharing. This feature allows families to share purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without sharing their personal account logins and passwords. With Family Sharing if Dad buys an app, Mom and Little Brother can immediately download and use the app on…

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