Samsung Forgets Apple, For Now, Looks To Sue NVIDIA Instead

Samsung is taking Nvidia to court in an alleged false advertising case. Nvidia produced some marketing material showing benchmark results of the Tegra K1 against the Exynos chip found aboard the Galaxy Note 4, showing that the Exynos chip is slower –– of course Samsung has taken exception to the…

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Lollipop Update Detailed [Video]

Samsung has confirmed it will be bringing Google’s latest build of Android –– Android Lollipop –– to its 2013 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s currently unclear when the update is landing, but those still currently using the S4 can take solace in the fact that IT IS coming at…

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs LEAK: QHD Display, 3GB of RAM, OIS

A lot of rumours of late had suggested the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be a ground-up redesign under the codename Project Zero. The idea, so said the rumours, was to give the design team carte blanche with regards to the overall design of the handset (likely in response to the…

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