Samsung Galaxy S9 Retail Box LEAKS With Spec List

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is allegedly poised to break cover at MWC 2018 in Barcelona next month and, as you may already know, specs, features and design details have been leaked and rumoured for several months now. However, now shortly ahead of the announcement in February, a retail box for the…

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Samsung Galaxy A8 NOW AVAILABLE In UK and Europe

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has arrived on the shelves of European retailers and is now also being stocked by one particular UK retailer as well – Clove. In Europe, the handset is model A530F and ships with a European charging plug for €500, with multiple retailers in Germany, Holland, and many…

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Samsung Galaxy X Launch: Will We ACTUALLY See It In 2018?

Samsung plans to introduce foldable OLED smartphones to its premium line inside 2018, according to reports following the publication of the firm’s 2017 financial results. Following on from recent rumours (further down the article), Samsung confirmed that it will indeed begin mass production of “foldable panels” this year; meaning flexible…

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BOOM! Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch CONFIRMED For Next Month

Following many rumours on the matter, Samsung has now confirmed that it will launch its Galaxy S9 flagship at MWC 2018 in February – next month! The word comes direct from none other than Samsung’s president of mobile business DJ Koh, speaking out during the now-in-progress CES 2018 event in…

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Future Samsung Phones MIGHT Feature Rear-Mounted Displays

Notifications, or access to menus on the fly, could be handled by a secondary display that is mounted on the back of the phone, according to new Samsung documents. In a bid to offer users more information, a rear-mounted secondary display could well appear on future Galaxy S and/or Galaxy…

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