How Samsung DeX Turns Your Galaxy S9 Into A PC

There’s a pretty straightforward answer to the question “what is Samsung DeX?” DeX stands for “Desktop Experience”, and the device itself is a docking station; a small, pocket-sized piece of hardware you can carry around alongside your Samsung phone, which will allow you to plug said phone into it. This…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Review: Best In The Business?

It’s pretty clear that phone makers are running out of things to improve in smartphones. Big innovations like fast charging, fingerprint scanners, water resistance, 18:9 displays and contactless payments have been and gone, and it’s becoming harder and harder to come up with unique ideas that capture the hearts and…

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Samsung Galaxy S10 WILL NOT Be A Foldable Phone

The Galaxy X was tipped to reinvent the mobile phone. The only problem was that it never turned up. Many believed 2019’s Galaxy S10 release would factor in this new design but that too has now been confirmed as wishful thinking. Samsung has reportedly completed work on the Galaxy S10’s…

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