Samsung Galaxy A3 Review

Samsung Galaxy A3 Review: Design & Display Undoubtedly the main appeal of Samsung’s Galaxy A-series is bringing the kind of fit, finish, and overall aesthetic from its premium flagship series into the affordable budget and mid-range brackets. The Galaxy A3 is a budget-tier phone but you wouldn’t know that just…

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Review: Galaxy S8 Style (For Half The Price)

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series has a pretty good heritage considering, technically, the range was the first time the company dabbled with metal-bodied phones. Essentially signalling the switch from its bad habit of horrid plastic to premium metal and glass, the original Galaxy A-series appeared just before Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship series…

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Best Samsung Tablet

Decided you want to pick up a Samsung tablet but aren’t sure which one to go for? We’ve got you covered. Check out our picks of the best Samsung tablets available right now. Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – Best 10in Budget Android The Galaxy Tab A comes in a wide…

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Samsung WILL Build Its Own GPUs (Just Like Apple)

Samsung will begin making its own GPU units for its phones in the coming years, following Apple’s lead. The process will start off slow, according to reports, with the custom GPUs loaded inside cheaper phones, before a wider roll-out inside the company’s flagship Galaxy phones and tablet devices. Samsung is…

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Samsung Galaxy X Release Date Now 100% LOCKED IN

The story of the Samsung Galaxy X folding flexible OLED smartphone is becoming something of a saga now, as we’ve been seeing reports for several years that it’s effectively “just around the corner”, always promised for the subsequent year, yet never materializing. For much of last year, it was said…

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